WorkingRite is a youth charity with a difference.

We tackle youth unemployment by providing young people with positive role models and a chance to prove themselves in the workplace.

Our work-based learning and mentoring programme supports young school leavers who are most struggling to find work – due to lack of skills, confidence, qualifications or stability. We personally match our trainees to small, local businesses where they learn a trade and how to cope or behave in the adult world of work.

Through incredible support from their WorkingRite Project Co-Ordinator and placement employer, 88% of trainees who complete the programme progress to full time jobs or apprenticeships.

It’s a method that works and a statistic we’re proud of.

To find out more about the programme in your country, visit our pages about WorkingRite in Scotland or England.

To refer yourself, or a young person you know, call our Head Office: 0131 476 1050, or email:

We’d like to thank our main partners, the JPMorgan Chase Foundation and Impetus – PEF for helping young people fulfil their potential.

JP Morgan

Impetus - PEF