Results April - October 2013

Results April – October 2013


Since April 2013, 56% trainees have completed their three or six month placement with WorkingRite.

Of those who did complete, 88% progressed to full time employment or a Modern Apprenticeship.

It’s a statistic we’re really proud of.






But what about the 44% who don’t complete the placement? There are a
number of complex reasons why these young people are not able to
complete a WorkingRite placement. Sometimes it’s down to them;
sometimes it’s down to events they have no control of. Regardless
of this, nobody leaves a WorkingRite placement with nothing.

All our trainees are given an induction that teaches them various things
about the workplace such as what to wear, the importance of turning
up on time, rules about health and safety and how to respond to authority.

And most importantly, they leave with valuable on-the-job experience
that not only introduces them to new hard skills, but also shows them
what’s expected of them in the adult world of work.

Most of our trainees also report positive emotional outcomes from
their time with WorkingRite, with confidence levels and raised
aspirations being particularly common.

See what some of our trainees and their parents had to say
on our quotes page.

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