Who we are: a charity tackling youth unemployment

WorkingRite is a charity with over ten years’ experience in providing a work-based learning and mentoring programme to the young unemployed.

We have four core beliefs:

  1. Many young people are more likely to thrive by learning through doing
  2. Communities have a responsibility towards their young people’s futures
  3. Inter-generational learning, respect and support is invaluable to Society
  4. We look to the future and give young people a fresh start

We therefore feel that the best way of helping young people on their journey to successful, happy adulthood is to provide them with good role models, the chance to learn while they work, and personal support every step of the way.

What we do: work pairing

We match young people to a small to medium-sized business in their community, depending on their aspirations and interest in a particular trade. Within this business, we pair them with an older mentor to guide them through day-to-day working life and ‘show them the ropes’.

Young people work in their placement, full time, for three to six months. Not only do they learn practical skills in their chosen specialism, but also the importance of turning up on time, having a good attitude, working with others and listening to authority figures. They receive a weekly training allowance from the employer to reward their commitment and hard work.

Local WorkingRite Project Co-Ordinators support both the young person and employer throughout the placement. They are in regular contact by phone and in-person to ensure the smooth running of the programme.

Where we work: Scotland and England

Scotland: Aberdeen – Aberdeenshire – Argyll & Bute – Clackmannanshire – East Lothian – East Renfrewshire – Edinburgh – Glasgow Area – Inverness – Moray – Renfrewshire – West Lothian

Learn more about WorkingRite in Scotland

England: East Sussex – Herefordshire – Worcestershire

Learn more about WorkingRite in England

How we’re different: we offer quality over quantity

  • Not everyone is suited to a formal classroom environment. Our programme is
    almost entirely based in the workplace, with only one or two days of training or
    induction occurring outside of this
  • We have a highly personalised approach, pairing young people with
    employers on a case-by-case basis and ensuring a great match
  • We only work with small to medium sized businesses to make sure our
    youngsters have one-to-one attention and can make a difference in their
    local community
  • We have full time Project Co-Ordinators on-hand to provide helpful
    and friendly support throughout the placement
  • We only place one young person per employer so that trainees are
    away from their peers and learn solely from their elders

Why choose us

We have an unparalleled success rate, with 88% of trainees who complete
a WorkingRite placement progressing to full time employment or an apprenticeship.

Head over to our results pages to find out more.


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